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Dear All,

                  I have been asked to speak at a two-day symposium coming
up this week. I speak on Thursday afternoon US time, 7.45am Friday morning
Eastern Australian time.;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!CvXrEq9hcOyme2JvxA-rfPHR_yfV_2D76KMYrJ8poTzaFiPRympi6yhJYloqcQpQY7hXrW6gRgB_y5MNB4qSP_nR6QPo6Hw$ 

There are plenty of interesting presentations and it's all online.;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!CvXrEq9hcOyme2JvxA-rfPHR_yfV_2D76KMYrJ8poTzaFiPRympi6yhJYloqcQpQY7hXrW6gRgB_y5MNB4qSP_nRgueV4O4$ 

Here's my bio..;!!PvXuogZ4sRB2p-tU!CvXrEq9hcOyme2JvxA-rfPHR_yfV_2D76KMYrJ8poTzaFiPRympi6yhJYloqcQpQY7hXrW6gRgB_y5MNB4qSP_nRXzEKHoM$ 

I hope this is of interest to some of you.

Best wishes,




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