I am moving to Oregon June 18, will be off e-mail after June 6 until I
get a new address/server.

New address after June 24 (mailbox on construction site):
85253 Ridgetop Road
Eugene, OR  97405-9535

We will be renting a house until the end of the year when we expect
our new house to be completed.  If anyone needs to call me, my phone
number probably can be obtained from "Information" in Eugene:
541-555-1212 (or is it 2121?), which is a toll free number.
Eventually I will get a fax number, etc. - you know, the necessities
of life.

Immediately I will start working intensively on the Guild Handbook
revision, so if any of you have suggestions please send them to reach
me after June 24th in Eugene.

Elaine Hodges