Launi Lucas wrote:
> I have some questions about creating and editing digital 'pen & ink' line
> drawings?  I have always done line art the traditional way, but would like
> to move more into the digital process. I have recently purchased a Wacom
> graphics tablet and am wondering what would be the best software to use.

Launi - I scan my pen and ink drawings into Photoshop, and then use the
airbrush tool (with the Wacom) to touch them up, and find it works very
well. With the airbrush (and other) tool(s), one can set the brush
diameter and edge "softness" to a very natural looking pen line - I've
tried the other tools, but find the airbrush to be most satisfactory for

Elaine wrote:

>The spelling is Cronaflex, which might help in its location.  It is no
>longer made by Dupont.  Agfa bought up its remaining stock but long ago
>sold what they had.  Marlene Donnelly had hoped to get Agfa to remake it.
>Anyone know if there have been developments?

Elaine - I got a call a few weeks ago from a gal at Agfa, who said they
will not be remaking it, but knew where it could be purchased - and this
was at DSC Systems Graphics in Beltsville, MD (Bill Triondas,
800-638-0598, outside MD; in MD 301-937-4000). After checking there to
find that to NOT be the case, they did put together a nice packet of
four different double-matte films they thought were comparable (20 8x10
sheets altogether, no charge). I just received these, so haven't yet had
a chance to try them, but he indicates that none of the products are
coated with any sensitizing chemicals, and are used strictly for
drafting applications; he wanted me to test the products and let him
know - I would think he'd be happy to have others test the products, as

If the Cronaflex at the Smithsonian were to be located, I wonder if GNSI
would be willing to buy some, to be resold to members? If not that, then
would there be any members willing to go in together on a roll?



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