Cindy -
Actually, I wrote a response before reading the rest of the responses, and I
think I like Emil's answer better, though it makes me wonder what Emil is
eating for breakfast that another would put his knee

In ansy case -

"neaps" are mashed turnips,
"tatties" are mashed potatoes,
and "haggis" is a truely revolting sausage made of sheep heart, liver, and
whatever else is left over after the good stuff is eaten. (That's just an
opinion - others love it, but they are probably off in other ways as well, and
we won't go into that.....)

I have no idea what "haggis neaps" are, but we have someone here at work who
lived in Scotland for a year (and was kind enough to fix some of us a fine
Scottish dinner of neaps, tatties, and haggis just a couple weeks ago!) -
we'll ask him. He may even have a recipie for you to try these wonders!

As for "goolies" - I leave it to your imagination, being that they are using a
knee to impact it........!

Liz Hansen & Marcia Martinho
Illustrators - Center for American Archeology