Dear Dick,

Does your friend have access to Photoshop? If not, I highly recommend he get access to it! It will help him in many ways! There's a book I can highly recommend  called Photoshop in Black and White by Jim Rich and Sandy Bozek that discusses wrking in black and white and has some good advice and tips.  I consulted it whe I first began scanning in my artwork and found it very helpful. Have him get in touch if he needs more detailed information. But, he can probably accomplish his goals using Photoshop if the original images have enough "information" in them. I can tell him my routine when he gets ready to try some things out, but my tips won't make sense unless he does have access to Photoshop. I just did a very similar project for a CD rom on the Tarot (Tarot Magic just released): I had to scan in many old Tarot cards to produce usable images for the CD. Photoshop was a godsend...

Hope this may be of some use!

Barbara Gleason

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A young scientist friend is putting together a guide book, and reusing black
and white line drawings from an earlier text. He is scanning them into his
computer, and they will be reduced by 50%. Does anyone have any hints on how
to get the best possible results from an acknowledged second hand source?
This is Dick Rauh asking- I can't figure out how to rid myself of New User.
(Will gladly accept advice on that issue ,too)

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