I am new to GNSI and to this list.  I found
the GNSI webpage (and the Guild itself) by
accident about a month ago.  Here's my website:

Other than using the scanner (and Thumbs 4.0)
to put up my website and to archive work, I
don't do any computer art - I'm hopelessly,
painfully traditional in that respect.  A few
years ago I did exchange my crowquill pen
for a box of Pigma Microns, and my pencil drawings
are all done with mechanical pencil.  But my
most recent watercolors are done with hand-ground
mineral paints and egg-water medium.

So far, what I've seen of this list and of the
Guild have been impressive and inspiring - thank
you all.  I do have one question:  Why doesn't
the Guild page have links to members' webpages?
This could be done in several ways - for ideas,
check out the Artmetal link on my webpage.

Lorena Babcock Moore
709 W. 24th St.
Cheyenne, WY  82001
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