Molecular Modeling software:

I use ChemWindows available from Bio-Rad.  It comes with a simple, quick
3-D modeling program (SymApps) for small molecules to medium-sized (ie,
proteins, DNA, etc.).  Their web site is

but it is very difficult to find just how to order it.  This is what I
posted on my course web site for my students:

This company was bought by Bio-Rad and Bio-Rad has an incredibly LAME Web
site but if you can actually find where to buy this software, it is worth
it. This is the program that I use. Powerful set of programs allowing
standard, wireframe, stick, stick-and-ball, space-filling and animated
molecular modeling. Handouts in class and molecular models on this web
are constructed with ChemWindow Suite 5.1, they are up to 6.0 now.

Here are the addresses they list:
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Sadtler Division, U.S. Headquarters
3316 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2596
Toll-free phone (U.S. & Canada): 1-888-5-BIO-RAD (1-888-524-6723)
Phone (other countries): (215) 382-7800
Fax: (215) 662-0585

1600 Ute Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501-4614
Toll-Free: 1-888-5-BIO-RAD
Fax: (970) 242-6469

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